Standard Gutter and Downspout Limited Labor Warranty (“Labor Warranty”) This Labor Warranty certifies that the guttering systems installed by Gutters Matter LLC are guaranteed for a period of five (5) years from date of installation against sagging, pulling loose, leaking or not functioning properly due to improper installation. All claims may be submitted in writing or via email to Gutters Matter LLC. This warranty is not transferable.

Welcome to Your Gutter Service Agreement with Gutters Matter LLC!

We’re thrilled to partner with you for all your gutter needs—be it cleaning, repairing, replacing, or installing entirely new systems. By choosing us, you’re agreeing to our terms, crafted to ensure both of us have a clear understanding of expectations.

What Our Warranty Covers:
Our warranty is specifically tied to the service location listed on your invoice—this means the coverage is all about where the work is done, not who owns the property. Make sure the address on the invoice is spot-on because that’s where our warranty promises take effect.

Here’s What We Can Do for You:

Cleaning: We’ll clear out any debris to make sure water flows smoothly through your gutters.
Repairs: Fixing leaks, sagging, or anything loose? We’ve got it covered.
Replacement: We can swap out old gutters for new ones, tailored to meet your home’s needs.
New Installations: Planning a new set of gutters? We’ll install them according to your design and specifications.
Details of Our Service Warranty:
We stand by our work with a five-year limited warranty that covers labor for any installations or repairs we do. This includes fixing any sagging or leaks that shouldn’t be there.

What’s Not Covered:

Natural Disasters: Things like lightning, hurricanes, or earthquakes.
Structural Issues: Any damage stemming from your property’s structural problems or poor ventilation.
Outside Forces: Damage from intentional acts, negligence, or if someone else tried to fix our work and messed up.
Wear and Tear: Normal changes over time like color fading or the natural expansion of materials we didn’t provide.

Other Important Bits

Outside Work: If someone else works on the gutters we installed or repaired, it could void your warranty.
Service Calls: If you call us out after 90 days from the initial service, and the problem is due to something you could have prevented, we might charge a service fee.
Payment: Full payment is needed for your warranty to be valid. If payments aren’t made, unfortunately, your warranty won’t be either.
Liability Info:
We’re not responsible for any injuries, property damage, or other unexpected outcomes that aren’t directly caused by our workmanship.

Our Promise:
This document is the full agreement between you and Gutters Matter LLC, activated once we receive your full payment.

By moving forward, you’re confirming that all the details are correct and you’re all set with our plan. We’re excited to ensure your gutters are in top shape—let’s get started!